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Calvert Group Member Tom Burbage On Huckabee

November 10,  2021

Author – Tom Burbage

"Service Academy Grads Must Get Involved To Save The Republic"

All Americans should salute our Veterans who have given so much in defense of the freedoms we enjoy as a unique nation in the world.

October 17,  2021

Author –

"Which United States Constitution?"

The choice between the Madisonian Constitution or the Wilsonian “living constitution” is stark and pressing indeed.

July 24,  2021


"Trust But Verify" and "Repel All Boarders" - Two Rallying Cries For The Ages!

These are two historic statements that may have a new meaning today…

Who We Are

Calvert Task Group 69 is an association of U.S. Naval Academy alumni, led by members of the class of 1969. Our members believe that American Service Academies are exceptional institutions for developing future leaders prepared to assume the highest responsibilities of command citizenship and government. Our class motto – “Non Sibi” or “Not Self” – appears in the crest inscribed on our class rings and is a common bond that has molded our lives for more than half a century. 

We believe we can influence debate and effect change to the present course of the U.S. Naval Academy, the Navy, and our nation. “Don’t give up the ship” is among the most famous of all Navy quotations and reflects the fact that our traditions are strong and have passed the test of time.  We believe that there must be universal priorities at the United States Naval Academy, and it all begins with the mission. We understand the deep meaning of “Don’t give up the ship” as it applies to everything we do.  It empowers our group to defend our ship of state as represented by the Constitution, our Navy, and the United States Naval Academy. We understand that if we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. We are committed.

our Concerns

First and foremost, we are concerned that every Midshipman in the Brigade is faced with an emerging campus culture they did not anticipate. Each class takes the same oath, the significance of which now seems in jeopardy, lost to “progressive” curricula that betrays the values of courage, honor, and commitment. This betrayal raises serious concern as to how these young leaders will face the threats of a more dangerous world with the expectations that they will assume the mantle of military leadership soon.

We have similar concerns for all young Americans considering a Naval Academy education and the contradictory information they may be receiving during the accession process. Blue and Gold Officers are receiving unprecedented negative feedback from parents regarding cultural changes they interpret as undermining the Naval Academy reputation. This feedback comes from older siblings or high school friends that are now Midshipmen, coupled with materials that prospective incoming appointees are required to review.

Join Our Fight Before It's Too Late

In the 5th century BC Sun Tsu said: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” He’d be proud of the radical left’s use of CRT and Marxist training in the US military today. We must fight back.